Real process arc welding trainer for training and upgrading of professional skills with access control testing

Real process arc welding trainer for training and upgrading of professional skills with access control testingReal process arc welding trainer for training and upgrading of professional skills with access control testing

The increase of the requirements and level of qualitative professional training of the electric welders caused the necessity of development and introduction of modern programming technical means in educational process. The welding training simulator is one of them, the great advantage of which is the presence of an operative feedback, allowing to supervise the correctness of psycho-motoric skills development of the electric welders when training their technical skills.

Now we complete the development of Real process arc welding trainer (AWT-06). It allows to fix the acquired professional skills in manual arch and argon arch electric welding at the last stage of training. Simultaneously it estimates the level of skills development by means of checking the process and registrating the parameters of a real welding process mode on control samples, and also shows expert estimations on the PC display or paper carrier.

Besides the AWT-06, as a programmed complex, provides operative, authentic and objective testing at the certification and access control of the electric welders. It provides realistic imitation of welded samples which are suitable for mechanical properties tests of welded adjustments and for some other researches regulated by Welders Certification Rules.

AWT-06 delivery set:

- The positioning manipulator which supports the welded sample in given space position

- Technological interface equipped with the built-in system interface (analog input plate) with USB output. It develops, engrades and transforms the signals, that reflect the basic parameters of real arch welding process, into digital form;

- DC power supply for welding arc with falling Volt-Amper characteristic;

- Welding tools and facilities – the holder for manual arch welding and a torch for

gas-electric welding with non-melting electrode in argon;

- Adapter ensuring connection of arch welding power supply signal circuits to the technological interface, welding tools and additive wire holder;

- Personal computer (PC) with the built-in system interface (analog input converter plate).

Arch Training complex combined with PC provides the following advantages:

Real process arc welding trainer for training and upgrading of professional skills with access control testingReal process arc welding trainer for training and upgrading of professional skills with access control testing

- To enter the initial data of welding process in a dialogue mode;

- To train the skills of arch ignition and maintenance the normative arch interval length;

- To train the skills of maintenance of correct inclination angles of the electrode,

optimum speed of welding, correct thermal mode of the welding bath;

- To train & improve the technology of manual tools shifting along the object of welding;

- To display the current parameters real welding process on the PC monitor;

- To carry out a feedback communication with the trained student during welding process by means of automatic audible signals ("the sound help") and so to operatively correct the trained actions;

- To supervise the correctness of welding process not only on separate parameters

(length of an arch interval, inclination angles of an electrode in the welding tool,

speeds of conducting welding process, thermal mode of the welding bath), but also

process on the whole;

- To statistically develop the trial results with calculation of mathematical expectations

and the tolerance of controllable parameters;

- To estimate the quality of performed welding works correlated with expert system


- Documentary registration of trial results as tabulared and graphic information on

optical, magnetic and paper carriers, that allows to check the dynamics of trained skils


- To carry out test and tolerance control of electric welders for welding of especially responsible constructions, and also to supervise psycho - motoric skills of the welders, especially after long breaks in job.

The table shows the input & controlled modes of welding:

The name of welding mode parameter


1. Speed of welding, mm / sec, within the limits of

2... 8

2. Length of arch interval:

* in the mode of melting electrode, mm, in limits

*in the mode of non-melting electrode, mm, in limits


1.. 6

1.. 4

3. Angles of inclination of electrode of the welding tool;, degree, in limits

+/- (45+/-5)


4. Arch voltage; V, within the limits of

8.. 28

5. Welding arch current, A

80 - 180

6. Flowing energy, J/mm, within the limits of

80... 2520

7. Electrode diameter for manual arch welding, mm

* For argon-arch welding, mm

* Diameter of additive wire, mm





It is designed on the basis of applied programming means in the integrated packages LabView, that allows:

- To keep in memory the results of training sessions (trials) and to make retrospective analysis with use of various methods of processing of the received results ( for example, correlation processing);

- To provide an opportunity of expansion, if necessary, of its functions and to perfect and improve the techniques and programs of individual and group training of welders.

AWT-06 is supplied with the specially developed educational program including the appropriate educational and test tasks on each method of arch welding.

The educational process is arranged as follows:

- A real task from the educational program database is displayed in the window "Initial dialogue", where there is specified the mode of welding and its controllable parameters (length of arch, welding speed, the electrode inclination angle, flowing energy, kind of weld adjustment, situation of welding, position of the welder).

- The current parameters meanings during training process are displayed in the window "Training" in the form of diagrams and numerical meanings.

- After completion of educational task the window "Results & estimation” shows the trial estimation on each controllable item of the mode, and general expert estimation mark. The window "Diagrams" displays actual meanings of results of controllable parameters on length of arch, speed of welding, inclination angles of electrode etc.


1. The important advantage of AWT-06 is the opportunity of operative supervision and analysis of character and quality of educational activity of the trained electric welders.

2. The complex provides qualitative training of manual arc welding and welding by non-melting electrode with and without additive, the operative control and upgrading of educational actions, and also fixation of trial results and expert estimation of acquired skills.

3. The AWT-06 software works in a dialogue mode and can be flexibly coordinated with educational task because of rich program database.

4. The AWT-06 intensifies and enriches the educational process, raises quality and level of the electric welders training.

5. The AWT-06 is a highly effective computer device for certification tests of the electric welders of wide range appliance.

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