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About RDI Company

RDI LLC is the engineering company, whose principal activities are:

  • Research and development in the field of electronics and electro-mechanics;
  • Development of specialized software and firmware;
  • Development and production of special training simulators;
  • In collaboration with the Kharkov Aviation Institute provides services for strength calculations of industrial equipment, aircraft and thereof parts.

RDI LLC is growing company was founded in 2013 by the two owners who have more than 18 years of management and development of electronics and software coding experience.

RDI LLC has a very low overhead structure, with all members of management and staff actively involved in the day to day operations of the company.

Our mission is to solve problem posed by the customer, as soon as possible. Structure of the company is focused on fulfilling this goal. The core of the company is the minimal group of technical specialists and managers who are able to develop a work plan for the project and exercise monitoring by its implementation. However, for specialized tasks we attract the best specialists and checked up company, on a contract basis for the duration of the project.

RDI is young company focused on providing quality service in all areas of our business. We believe that our attentive customer service, adherence to good business ethics and good will in the conduct of the business will be the key to Customer satisfaction.

Our experience:

  • Development and manufacturing of testing equipment (devices brightness and illumination tester) for Antonov aircraft design bureau
  • Development of special purpose software (data acquisition, analysis and operating of the test system of rocket fuel tanks) for Khartron
  • Development a high-precision method of aircraft structures durability calculation, strength calculation, analysis and tests for Beriev aircraft design bureau
  • Providing of resource calculations for Motor Sich
  • Design and manufacturing of training simulators (low-amperage welding simulator, real process welding simulator)